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After a Master 2 in private law in Asia and experiences in a law firm in Paris, Anne discovered her vocation by chance during an internship. A perfect mix between human relations and the concrete realization of a project, hunting seems obvious to her. She began her career as a Consultant with one of the market’s historical hunters where she learned to respect ethics and confidentiality, essential elements of a qualitative approach. Being aware of the inadequacy between an ageing intervention model and the rapid evolution of the market, she joined Upward Legal for her values of benevolence and expertise.

100% of her career in the recruitement of legal profiles

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Anne, being a Headhunter, what does this mean to you?

Headhunting came to shake up a career that seemed to have begun in earnest: a master’s degree in law, internships in law firms and entrance exams.

To say the least, it was a revelation. I have been pursuing this profession, which is a real vocation, for several years now and for decades to come, I hope.

My common thread has always been hyper-specialisation in the market for lawyers and jurists. I have been fortunate enough to be trained in the best firms in this very specific market, which requires in-depth knowledge of its players and this environment.

Being a headhunter is a demanding job, humanly fulfilling and allows you to take up permanent challenges!

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Why did you join Upward?

For several reasons but first and foremost for its values!

Upward brings together all the values that are essential to become a reference in this hyper-competitive market: expertise, benevolence and ambition.

Upward offers me a certain flexibility and a form of freedom in the way I work with our clients, while having a fast and qualitative approach to candidates. Each mission and each client is different. Being able to adapt as well as possible to their needs is essential.

Finally, the desire to succeed, the ambition to always do better is a leitmotiv that I share with Upward.

On a personal level, I am happy to defend the colours of a company that allows each of its members, whatever their role, to evolve and build a project within a stimulating environment, growing and sharing strong values and convictions. I have also joined a close-knit, dynamic and demanding team.

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What are the specifics of your market?

We are pure specialists in the legal function at Upward Legal and this is essential in a market as specific as that of lawyers and jurists.

The DNA, the culture of law firms is very strong with proper codes that require a minimum of insider knowledge. This requires a strong knowledge of the market and even beyond that, a level of confidentiality and deontology that is perhaps more important than in other sectors.

Our clients are generally very cautious and need to be as trustworthy as possible with their partners. Perhaps more than anywhere else, they need to prove themselves and have strong ethics to survive.

This market is also changing, with younger candidates changing entities more and more quickly, which requires great responsiveness and careful monitoring of these entities. Their criteria have also changed, and the work/life balance is now often a priority.

Finally, there are many opportunities for change: from lawyer to lawyer and vice versa, opening up notary offices to lawyers, development of legal and tax functions within start-ups and investment funds, moving from legal functions to different functions such as Compliance or more operational functions such as M&A, etc.

This diversity of opportunities requires us to provide real advice to our candidates throughout their careers.

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What are Upward Legal's assets to be the next leading firm in this market?

There are many of them!

We have a solid expertise and knowledge of the market that we reinforce mission after mission.

Rigour, speed and completeness are our assets for a hunt that we always try to co-construct with our clients. This is what they appreciate!

As for our added value, it is clearly the advice and support we provide to our clients and our candidates.

To sum up, I have found a perfect symbiosis between a fast and exhaustive candidate approach, in parallel with a flexible, evolving and tailor-made client relationship that adapts to the reality of the market.

To conclude, I would say that desire and ambition are the fuels of all this machinery. Without it, there is no finish line!

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What about the future?

Upward Legal’s ambition is to become a leading player in the market for the recruitment of lawyers, legal and tax specialists for both clients and candidates.

Our objective is to accompany our current clients over the long term and to put our expertise at the service of new clients.

And to make our team grow!

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