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Anne sutter

After a Master 2 in private law in Asia and experiences in a law firm in Paris, Anne discovered her vocation by chance during an internship. A perfect mix between human relations and the concrete realization of a project, hunting seems obvious to her. She began her career as a Consultant with one of the market’s historical hunters where she learned to respect ethics and confidentiality, essential elements of a qualitative approach. Being aware of the inadequacy between an ageing intervention model and the rapid evolution of the market, she joined Upward Legal for her values of benevolence and expertise.

100% of her career in the recruitement of legal profiles

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Anne, who are you? How did you find out about headhunting?

After a university degree in business law and various internships in law firms, I realized that I was missing something to be perfectly fulfilled professionally. So I questioned my path to becoming an M&A lawyer and decided to turn what I had taken for granted.

Nevertheless, I wanted to put my legal experience to good use and so I did two more internships in the legal field. My first internship in Knowledge Management in a law firm was not conclusive.

My second internship in a headhunting firm specializing in legal functions will be revealing!

I then discovered this profession for which I very quickly fell in love and decided to continue in this way.

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What is your background?

My career began as a sole consultant in one of the best headhunting firms specializing in legal and tax functions.

There I developed a real expertise thanks to a qualitative business approach, a real investment in my candidates and clients and a real desire to succeed.

After several years of experience and convinced that a more modern and efficient model exists, I decided to take up a new challenge: to join Upward Legal as a Manager.

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Why did you join Upward?

For the dynamics of this ever-growing group, for its team and for its strong convictions, which are also mine.

Whether it’s the founder Michael Obadia, the group’s Partners such as Axel Franco, the various Managers and employees or our interns, we all share the same values, in particular our holy trilogy: benevolence, expertise and ambition! It is a firm that attaches great importance to the benevolence and quality of the relationships it builds with its clients and candidates for a relationship based on the long term.

We make our expertise available to both our clients and our candidates thanks to a team of specialists divided into different Business Units, which are themselves specialised by profession. For Upward Legal, for example, I bring my experience acquired in recent years on the legal and tax headhunting market.

We all have the ambition to always do better, for example by reducing our response times while maintaining the quality of our collaboration. Upward is also innovative in the way it approaches assignments and communicates externally.

To sum up, what I was looking for and what I found at Upward is a tailor-made, high-quality approach in a flexible structure that allows us to adapt to the reality of the market.

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What's the Upward spirit on a daily basis?

The specificity of the firm, which also constitutes its DNA, lies in its entrepreneurial spirit. It is also the possibility for each collaborator to project himself and evolve within the structure by participating in common projects.

Trust, transparency and mutual assistance between employees are part of our daily life. A close-knit and dynamic team, that’s what Upward is all about!

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And what about the future ?

Upward Legal’s ambition is to become a reference player in the market for the recruitment of lawyers, legal and tax specialists.

Our objective is to accompany our current clients over the long term and to put our expertise at the service of new clients.

And make our team grow!

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